Precise writing: a clear advantage
David House
freelance writer/editor


         Humans need to write.

        Whether in glyphs, puffs of smoke or cave-wall drawings, writing has been a vital part of human communication.

        But writing's tough, time-consuming work. Precise writing, that is -- the type that enhances one's credibility, clearly conveying thoughts and ideas.

        From writing's lowest to highest levels, much is always at stake. Simple problems such as a misspelled word or a dangling participle can wreck the credibility and impact of a business communication. And there are more complex traps to avoid such as questionable syntax and inappropriate voice.

        In today's increasingly competitive world, businesses and institutions need a resource for precise writing to assure clear and credible communication with everyone from employees and customers to the news media.

        But not every business and institution can afford a fulltime professional writer. That's where I can help.
        If time constraints or other challenges are limiting your business communications, contact me to explore solutions for cost-effective sharpening of your competitive edge through precision communications. I work on either a retainer or a job-by-job basis.

        After a long and rewarding career in the newspaper industry, I'm now a freelance journalist. I can put a wide range of experience and skills to work for you: writing, editing, coaching, design, media relations, commentary, speechwriting and more.

        I've learned Mark Twain's point: "The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

        Precisely. That's been the case for as long as people have been writing. Imagine pondering a fellow cave person's glyph story like the one at top left and asking: Hey, Ooorg. Awesome glyphing, but don't you mean three "deer" instead of two?

        Precise writing clears out confusion.

        Contact me at either

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